Young People Are About to Get Rich in a Massive Transfer of Generational Wealth

It’s weird to think about, but consider how money you’ll inherit plays into your personal finance today and when you’re old

How to Decide How Much Money to Keep In Your Bank Accounts

Striking a balance between being cash secure and overly anxious about money

And here:

The Money Decision That Will Stop You From Getting Rich

It took me like 20 years to figure this out

I hesitated to introduce this subject into our personal financial equation. It’s an uncomfortable subject to bring up. For legitimate reasons, we don’t want to think about our parents dying. We also don’t want the same old white male critics to brand anybody younger than them who does things differently than them as lazy and “making all the classic mistakes.”

  • Author’s note: This is merely my take. I stress my “take.” This would be an awesome area to conduct rigorous survey research in to test my hypothesis. Much of the research that exists comes from self-interested parties and doesn’t give millennials credit for taking into account what could get in the way of a healthy inheritance (e.g., parents outliving their money, taxes, philanthropy, greedy siblings).

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